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Our  Program

Class Structure

Classes are 30 minutes long with a maximum number of 5 children of similar age and ability.
Teachers are able to manage groups effectively if parents use the lesson time to observe their child’s performance, allowing the skilled professional to guide and direct their child through their swimming experience.

Baby Orientation

Babies can be introduced to swimming at 3 months of age. Children will usually stay in these classes until they are 2 – 3 years of age. A parent or guardian is required to be in the pool with the child at all times. The most important skill your child will learn is what to do if they fall into water and how to get out. As children get more efficient we encourage greater levels of independence preparing them for transition classes. These programs are fun, full of songs and activities and are designed to support the parent whilst the baby learns.

Transitional Classes

The focus of transition is to give children the foundation skills of swimming. Your child will learn effective kicking techniques and body position using a kickboard. They will also learn essential lifesaving skills, what to do if they fall into a pool and how to turn around and get to safety unaided.

Learn to Swim

There are three levels of learn to swim. Each offers a distinct focus on stroke development. As your child progresses through these classes they will learn all strokes and swim further distances. When children progress through our learn to swim classes they are competent swimmers who are able to swim at least 100m of all strokes and participate confidently in their age level at school swimming carnivals.

Squad / Stroke Development

Participants at this level (adults are welcome) must be able to swim all 4 strokes confidently. Swimmers are required to work through a combination of endurance and technical development.

Mini Squad

We have a 45 minute mini squad with focus on reinforcing and improving the technical aspects of each stroke over longer distances.