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From 6 Months - 3 year


Baby Swim classes are designed to support the parent whilst the baby learns to swim. Babies can be introduced to swimming at 3 months of age. Children will usually stay in these classes until they are 2 – 3 years of age.
These programs are fun, full of songs and activities. As children get more efficient we encourage greater levels of independence preparing them for our Learn 2 Swim. The most important skill your child will learn is what to do if they fall into water.
A parent or guardian is required to be in the pool with the child at all times. A maximum of 6 children per class.


Baby 1:    6 – 18 months
Baby 2:    12 - 30 months
Baby 3:    18 – 36 months

Requirements for Swimming:

Health Regulations require all children who are not fully toilet trained to wear a regulation swim nappy.
All babies under the age of 2 must wear an approved swim nappy. Chlorine Resistant Polyester (CRP) swimwear is recommended in heated pools.