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First Aid

Apply First Aid Qualification


The aim of this training is to provide simple effective management skills to common medical emergencies.


Must be a minimum of 14 years of age


·Workbook plus
·8 hours face to face

Theory Test

Answer questions on -

The performance of a secondary survey.
Emergency Care of people suffering from injuries such as bleeding, burns, limb, head, facial, neck spine, chest & abdominal injuries.
Emergency Care of people suffering from medical emergencies such as fainting, choking, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, heart attack, poisons, envenomation & exposure to the hot and cold.
Communicable diseases, risks and prevention.
The systems of the body relating to Emergency Care.

Practical Assessment

Candidates are required to assess, identify and demonstrate the relevant emergency care from the following situations:

Injury Management

Demonstrate the appropriate emergency care in dealing with:
·Limb injuries
·Head injuries
·Facial injuries
·Neck & spinal injuries
·Chest injuries
·Abdominal injuries

Medical Emergency Management

Demonstrate the appropriate emergency care in dealing with some of the following medical emergencies :
·Heart attack
·Exposure to the hot and cold

Secondary Survey

Perform a secondary survey of a conscious casualty which should include:
·Assessment of the history.
·Assessment of the signs.
·Assessment of the symptoms.
·Head to toe examination.
Demonstrate initiative in providing care for a casualty who has suffered injury or illness. The assessor will brief the subjects on the roles to be simulated. The assessor will ensure that materials to perform the tasks are available.

Resuscitation CPR

Complete the theory and practical assessment for resuscitation.
(This module can be completed separately.)

Currency of Awards

The CPR resuscitation award MUST be renewed annually.
The “Apply First Aid Qualification” – SRX FAD 001A to be renewed every three years.
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